the rules

Carbeque… the new and crazy way to cook

 Who will be the world champion?

⁃ Anyone who is dares to prepare a hot dish or drink for every passenger of their vehicle
⁃ The only heating source must be the heat generated from the car whilst it is moving
⁃ Meals and drinks must be prepared, cooked, served and eaten inside or on the vehicle!


 Start and arrival 

⁃ Start October 14th 2018, 10.30 am in Alpirsbach, parking lot or overnight camping possible from October 13th 2018 6 pm

 Preparation and cooking time 

⁃ from 10.30 am to 11 am preparation of meals/ drinks inside or on the vehicle is allowed. The engine must be switched off.
⁃ the cars will leave every 2 min from 11 am travelling to Klosterhof
⁃ During the 66 min of driving time on the journey through the Black Forest you cook your meal after which you will arrive in Klosterhof.
⁃ Cooking is only allowed when the vehicle is driving and NOT when the engine is just idling.

 Serving and rating

You have exactly 66 minutes to present and serve your cooked food.
Cold drinks also are allowed as long as they are transported in the car during the cooking time.

All participants will taste the prepared meals. The food will be judged on the following criteria


The judges decision is final and cannot be contested.
After that you present the food to the audience for tasting.

Presentation ceremony

The presentation ceremony will take place at 3.30 pm. The winner will receive a cup donated by the City of Alpirsbach.

 There will be two classes

– Original unmodified production vehicles .. No changes are allowed to the vehicle. Dishes can only be fixed to the heating source with removable aids like wire, cable ties, strings, etc.
– Modified vehicles…all changes for using the heating source are allowed as long as the safety of the vehicle is not affected. You can weld pans, pots, etc. to the engine… whatever you want!

 Entry fee

30 € per vehicle
Free for participants of Europe- Orient- Rally 2018

Number is limited to 50 vehicles.